Blog post #19 – February 26, 2017 Eating Habits

Good morning, Cuddlers!

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a picky eater. Over the years I have found that my eating habits have become a point of conversation and something to joke about. I have also become aware of the fact that I don’t add much flavor to my food. Flavorful food is a good thing, and I’m sure eating a variety of food is also a good thing, too. So, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I had a BLT every night for dinner this week!

As much as I was enjoying my daily BLT sandwich for dinner, I was noticing that the cats have not been eating much lately. I know there is a lot of stress among Otis, Reggie and Abby worrying about Striker’s health, which is most likely the reason.

Poor little Striker is really only licking the gravy from the can food and has enjoyed a little bit of the gravy/bisque food found in the pouches (Please continue to keep Striker in your happy thoughts, by the way). Abby and Otis have turned their noses up at the Science Diet can food, except for the pate chicken. Abby doesn’t really eat the Friskies that I sometimes give them for dessert. She meows like she wants it, maybe takes one bite, and then walks away. Reggie wants what Striker is having, but I need Striker to have as much of the bisque as possible.

Striker “covering up” the dry food. (Photo taken in January when he still ate the dry food.)
Abby, Reggie, and Otis when they are interested in their food.

I know when we’re not feeling well we don’t have much of an appetite. The decision on what to make for dinner is based on either what we feel like eating or perhaps what food is in the house (or…what delivery service sounds good on a particular day). It doesn’t always bother me knowing that I’ll have a week of BLT’s for dinner. I don’t have to think and my stomach knows what to expect. With our fur babies, though, it sure isn’t easy sometimes. They can’t tell us what they want to eat.

Did you already eat breakfast or are you going to eat breakfast after reading this morning’s cuddle? Well, either way, I hope your breakfast was flavorful and fulfilling. And, here’s to everyone having a week of healthy meals and being thankful that your daily breakfast and dinner doesn’t come out of a can.

Enjoy the cuddle!


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