Blog post #18 – February 19, 2017 Request for Happy Thoughts

Request for Happy Thoughts

Good morning, Cuddlers!

{Warning: This blog may have you shedding a few tears.}

One phrase I’m not a fan of – Quality of life. The words alone are fine: quality – who doesn’t love a quality day or something of quality; of – a hard-working preposition; life – millions of books have been talking about the meaning of life for hundreds of years. But, when you hear the phrase – Quality of life. –  you know it’s not referencing something good.

This week I ask for happy thoughts as I nurse my sweet little Striker. He’s been losing weight and the result is that his kidneys are failing. About a year ago we discovered that Striker had underdeveloped kidneys and a heart murmur. (By the way, I’m still not sure why this didn’t show up until he was 3 ½.) Apparently, he was born with this kidney problem and I was informed he wouldn’t live a long life. In my mind, though, I was thinking about 10 years rather than the 16 – 19 years I was used to with my lifetime of being owned by cats.

At this point, the vet said the most I can do is give Striker fluids on a daily basis, get him to eat a mashed potato-margarine-special cat food recipe, and cuddle with him as much as possible. It’s been quite difficult to see my sweet little Striker struggling with these problems at only 4 ½ years old.

It got me to thinking of anyone in our life that is either born with a medical defect of some kind or develops a life-changing disease. We go to several doctors for medical advice, pray, meditate, relax, fight, and the list goes on, to help our family members pull through (or pull through ourselves, if we are the ones inflicted). As the vet said to me, “Please don’t ever feel guilty in this process…you’re doing everything you can to help Striker. Kidneys are tough.” I hear ya’. Kidneys are tough. And, I’m not sure where we are on kidney transplants for cats, dogs, and other animals. Until then, I’m going to do what I can to give Striker a good “quality of life.”

As I ask for happy thoughts for Striker, I’m posting this blog entry with happy thoughts to the many cuddlers around the world who may need a little extra love for your fur babies, or your human family.

Enjoy the cuddle!


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