Blog post #17 – Love is in the air…

February 12, 2017

Good morning, cuddlers!

What are things that you love to do? Do you have a sweat heart? Yesterday, I participated in something that I love to do…judging for the Illinois Drill Team Association State Championship. I’ve been judging for IDTA the last 18 years and have judged the State Championships the last 16 years. What a joy to see teams from around the state pouring their heart out in their respective dance routines. There are some routines that are so memorable and some leave the judges with the chills.

You know what I also enjoy? I love hearing stories about what our fur babies love to do. My cat meows at me to go to bed at the same time every night. My dog loves to go for walks while carrying his stuffed animal in his mouth. My guinea pig loves when I wake up in the morning and starts talking to her. These fun stories are what make our pets unique and what make us love them even more.

Speaking of dance. Have I told you how much Abby loves her cat dancer toy? It’s a thin wire with four pieces of cardboard at the end of the wire. She loves her favorite mouse toy, but she also loves playing with the cat dancer. Our routine in the morning is to play with the cat dancer after I dry my hair. As soon as I turn off the hair dryer, Abby meows a certain meow and gets me to follow her into the living room. She pretends to hide and waits for me to start playing with the cat dancer. Even though we only play for about 5 minutes in the morning, she loves that morning routine and loves her cat dancer.

I hope this is a week where you can enjoy the things or people you love, and your fur babies get or give some extra love, too.

Enjoy the cuddle!


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