Blog post #15 – January 29, 2017 In or out – Part Two

Good morning, Cuddlers!

First of all, sorry for all the glitches the last few blog posts. I can’t seem to figure out how to return to the blog posting when I see the date and time. It looks like I’ll need to do some WordPress homework this. week.

Last week I talked about Reggie’s incessant meowing at the door, and his intense desire to be in the hallway. I think I may have uncovered a few things that were going on in his head.

The main reason I think that Reggie was bothered for about a week was the industrial fan that was in our hallway. Apparently, there was a link from a bathroom on the floor above us and the fan was needed to prevent any mold from forming in the wall. The fan was going 24/7 for about a week. The noise stopped mid-week some time. I think someone just unplugged the fan because it wasn’t picked up from the contractors until Friday. We went into the hall, Reggie sniffed around for a good five minutes, and seemed a little more settled after that. It was disturbing for him to have “his hallway” messed up by the giant red monster.

Abby and Reggie checking out the “red monster” in the hallway after it was unplugged..
Striker’s turn to check out the “red monster” in the hallway.

The other reason is there seems to be a lot of activity in recent weeks in the hallway. Maybe I’ve been more in-tune to the noise in the hall lately because of Reggie, but I guess I’ve noticed more voices, knocks on doors, and people coming in and out. Whatever the case, Reggie loves visitors and loves to get attention from anyone in the hall (including the pizza man!). I think he felt left out being on the wrong side of the door with so much activity happening in the hallway. So, like I said, I’ve appeased him and have taken the time to go in the hallway more.

As I was trying to help figure out Reggie’s distress, I have also been trying to figure out my own beginning-of-the-year distress. I’ve noticed that I haven’t felt myself lately. Perhaps there’s something in my space, my own red monster, but I don’t have the power to move it. Or, perhaps there is a lot of activity and I’m just trying to get my thoughts straight at the beginning of the year. It’s already the end of January and I feel like I still haven’t fully committed to my goals for 2017. Once I finally realized that I’m having my own “moment,” I was able to see Reggie’s bit of stress, as well.

So, we still haven’t solved the question, Are you going out or staying in? But, at least we have identified the question (and gotten rid of the noisy red monster).

Enjoy the cuddle!


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