Blog Post #14 – January 22, 2017 In or out?

Good morning, Cuddlers!

Doors. Cats and dogs alike seem to always want to be on the other side of them. A door can be open for the cat or dog to walk through and they may decide not to go, or they might, or they may not…in the mean time you hear their human saying, “Are you in or out? In or out? Okay…in…out?!” It’s the never-ending battle of wanting to be on the other side of that door, or staying on this side of the door.

Don’t ask a cat or human about the real reason behind the very stressful bathroom door situation. It seems like dogs might be okay with bathroom doors being closed. Wait, I take that back. Belle, my parents’ Boxer, was not a fan of any human in her presence using the bathroom with a closed door. But, cats seem to have it the worst. Something in their very core tells them that their human will not make it out of the bathroom alive, that the human is having a non-cat party, or something unimaginable is happening inside that darn bathroom and the cat wants to be a part of it.

The past week Reggie has been meowing constantly at the top of his “meowing voice” to go in the hall. I’ve actually appeased him a few times. We’ll stay in the hall for a few minutes, come back in the apartment, and he’s right back at the door again. His meow is absolutely desperate, yet there is nothing in the hall to show me what he thinks is out there.

Reggie meowing at the door with a desperate attempt to get in the hallway.

This is certainly a deeper conversation on the human side of this, right? The metaphor of doors in our own lives can get pretty deep (especially for a cuddle-conversation). Just for this week, I’m going to think about a door I should walk through, or stay on this side, or walk through, or….you get the idea! I think I’m going to try to figure out my hesitation for taking that walk through a door that perhaps may be open in my life. If there is an open door, it sure seems like a good time of the year to walk through it. Now, if we could only convince our cats and dogs to make decisions…in or out?

Enjoy the cuddle!


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