Blog post #11 – December 11, 2016 Tangled

Do you wonder how cords mysteriously get tangled so easily? This week we look at the idea of getting tangled, and cords that get tangled.


Good morning, Cuddlers!

Tangled. The other day at school I was taking out my speakers as I was going to show a video to my students. I swear I spent a solid 5 minutes untangling the cords to the speakers. I’m pretty sure the last time I put the speakers in the box, the cords weren’t tangled, so it was quite annoying to try to untangle the cords. It’s a mystery to me how they got tangled in the box that was in my cabinet.

That same day I also noticed the cords for my Wi-Fi (and whatever else is mixed in) are also seriously tangled, and my iPod earbuds are in a constant state of entanglement. It’s a marvel at how cords get tangled, especially when you simply place them down, or inside a box.

Have you ever tried walking a dog without them getting tangled in their leash? Depending on the level of getting tangled, dogs don’t seem to mind, do they? They are more concerned about being outside on their walk and sniffing whatever they feel needs a good sniff. Abby and Striker love getting tangled in the garland every year when I first take it out of the storage bin. It’s like they’re thinking, “Oh…garland…I remember this from last Christmas! Time to get all tangled up!” It’s pretty cute the way they both are drawn to the garland.

Striker as he was done playing with the garland.
Abby as she was about to play in the garland.

This got me thinking about how people get tangled in things like a web of gossip, problems, tough conversations, work situations, and so on. Just like those darn cords or iPod ear bud cords, it takes patience to untangle those tough life problems. Hopefully no one in “cuddle land” is entangled in something “messy.” I guess we can look at how a dog gets untangled from the leash – the dog keeps walking and the leash will either naturally come free or the dog will get a little help from the human (I think it bothers us more than the dog).

May we all have a little bit of extra patience as we attempt to get untangled from life’s problems, or we are working to untangle speaker cords.

Enjoy the cuddle!

2 thoughts on “Blog post #11 – December 11, 2016 Tangled

  1. Good one, Paula. I’m still working to try to untangle my feelings about the election and how people can vote for some things they believe in even if it means accepting other things that appall them. I’m reading about all sorts of angles and people trying to understand. Your words will be part of my search.


    Aunt Karen



    1. Aunt Karen — I didn’t even think about this as it relates to the election, but your comment had me nodding my head in agreement. There seems to be something new every day that has me with a puzzled look on my face with the President-elect and his Campaign Manager. Thank you for the great comment!


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