Blog post #10 – December 4, 2016

Food and Friends


Food and Friends

Good morning, Cuddlers!

Just about every evening Otis and Reggie have a 10-minute chasing and hissing fit. Otis is the one being chased and the one hissing at Reggie. It sounds terrible, and maybe doesn’t always last 10-minutes, but it sure feels like it. It seems like they are at a point where they will never cuddle again or be able to walk by each other without some hissing being involved.

Then, something magical happens. Food. It’s usually about this time when I give the cats their “desert” can of food. Reggie and Otis eat next to each other without incident all the time. There is no hissing, no stalking, and no growling. They’re just chomping on their can of Friskies and enjoying every minute of it. When they’re done eating, they go off to their own corners or might even cuddle with each other. It’s almost as if the so-called “cat fight” only 30 minutes earlier didn’t even happen. Food brings them together every time.

Abby, Reggie, and Otis enjoying their “desert.”

The visual of the cats eating and looking so happy made me think of how food brings friends and families together. Does your family have a regular Sunday dinner? Growing up I had a friend that had a regular Sunday dinner…they must have had about twenty family members over every Sunday evening for a meal. It has always brought me joy to see how food brings people together. Whatever troubles you may be having, or frustration in life, there’s something so comforting about having a meal with friends and family.

Whether you have a meal with one other person this week, or twenty, I hope this week you’re able to enjoy a meal with friends or family.

Enjoy the cuddle!

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