I found it!

Do your pets hide or bury their toys, then act surprised when they find it? What a great feeling to find an item we thought was lost for good.


Blog post #9 – November 27, 2016

Good morning, Cuddlers!

Do you have a dog or cat that has a favorite toy or bone that seems to get “lost” from time to time? I love those images of dogs digging in the yard to hide their toy or their bone…oops…even though they mess up the yard. I used to see a woman walking her German Shephard and the dog always had the same stuffed animal in his mouth as they walked. I can just see them leaving the house for their walks, “Can’t leave without my stuffed animal!”

Poor Abby goes days with having her favorite mouse toy, then she loses it for weeks on end, and somehow we (or she) finds it again. It’s always a great day when we find “favorite mousey,” as you can imagine. By the way, we’re in the middle of not knowing where favorite mousey is these days. She keeps meowing at the front closet. I keep looking in the front closet. Abby keeps sniffing in the front closet. BUT…no luck. Maybe next weekend I’ll pull out everything in the front closet to see if Abby is right about favorite mousey’s whereabouts.

I know this feeling of missing your favorite “toy.” Right after the marathon I lost my Garmin. I looked all over my apartment and re-traced my steps at least three times looking for it. I took all the clothes off my shelves in the bedroom closet, checked under and behind random spots, removed the couch cushions, and determined that I must have accidentally thrown it away in my tired state of mind. Darn.

Thanksgiving night, as I was getting comfortable on my couch, I had this crazy thought. Wouldn’t it be funny if I reached in the couch right now and pulled out my Garmin?! You all are never going to believe this, but I found my Garmin! It was in the couch where I was sure I looked several times before. I reached in, felt something sort of strange, pulled it out, and there it was…my Garmin! Crazy! Thankfully, the frustration of wondering what I did with my Garmin is gone (especially the thought of accidentally throwing it away). Now, if I can only help Abby find her favorite mousey, we’ll be all set.

If any of you are missing an item, or your pets are missing a toy, I’ll send happy thoughts to finding them this week.

Enjoy the cuddle!

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