The Placebo Effect

A big welcome to the new readers of the blog. Thank you for joining…you are now a “cuddler!”

Earlier in the week I finally remembered to buy some Cosequin for Otis. If you don’t know, Cosequin is a supplement to help cats and dogs maintain healthy joints (I’ve also seen it advertised for horses, by the way). Otis is a little overweight. When he adopted me nearly six years ago he was 20 pounds, and now he’s about 22 pounds. Otis mostly sits, watches Abby run around, and eats. He’s not much into running around, even when Abby tries to chase him.

Lately, I’ve noticed that Otis would limp a little bit when he would get up or jump off the bed. I was hoping the Cosequin would help his joints, and perhaps encourage a little bit more walking or playing. Little did I know the quick turnaround and benefit of the Cosequin! Three days into the supplement Otis was playing and running around much to Reggie’s surprise. (I wish I thought to take a picture of the look on Reggie’s face!) Reggie and I were so surprised to see Otis running around and playing with his favorite toy, a milk ring. Let’s hope Otis continues to feel better. It sure was fun for me to see him having fun playing with his milk ring.

Otis pausing for a split second while playing with his milk ring.
Otis thought he could get under the couch to get his milk ring.

While we don’t sprinkle Cosequin on our food, we have plenty of pain relievers that help us move past our muscle and joint pain. I’m often grateful for my Tylenol or Advil after a long run or core training. I know the pain relievers are doing their job, but seeing Otis made me wonder more about the Placebo Effect. Am I looking for more movement with Otis because I want the Cosequin to work? Or, is it actually working? I’m sure it’s working, but there is an element of me wanting to help Otis feel better so he’s not in pain.

Before my nearly-100-year-old grandma passed away she said she was most amazed by the advancement of medicine throughout her life. I agree, grandma. When my right hamstring is sore, or my stomach muscles are cursing at me, I’m amazed that a Tylenol or Advil helps my body move past the pain.

What are ways you move “past the pain?” Yoga? Meditation? Breathing? Too bad I can’t teach Otis some of these tricks.

Enjoy the cuddle!


2 thoughts on “The Placebo Effect

  1. Good for Otis!! It makes me giggle to see him play with a milk jug ring, or milk ring as we called them when Mookie loved them. What is it about milk rings? I wonder if they smell the milk.

    Yoga always helps me move past the pain. I think if most people would do 20 minutes worth of yoga each day they would move easier through life.

    Thanks for sharing, Paula!


    1. Aunt Sherry,

      Mookie was a great kitty! I know…milk rings seem like such an unlikely toy. But, I am happy that Otis is moving around more.

      There are a few schools that have started doing yoga with their students. I truly believe that 20 minutes of yoga, at some point in the day, is a huge benefit!



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