Happy Halloween!

Good morning, Cuddlers!

Lucia, my doggy niece, seems to enjoy Halloween.
Lucia, my doggy niece, seems to enjoy Halloween.

With Halloween eight days away, I couldn’t help but get to a Halloween post. I was at Target the other day and saw several kids so excited to pick out their costumes, while parents were in the candy aisle trying not to spend $200 on Halloween candy. It was so cute, though, to see the seriousness of the kids’ decision for their all-important Halloween costume. It has to be just right.

After my trip to Target I had to stop at Petco, where the front of the store was full of Halloween dog costumes and toys. There was even a couple with their cute dog trying to pick out something cute for “Max” to wear.

Halloween seems to be that holiday that can be enjoyed at any age and in so many different ways. The options for kids are numerous – parties at the local park district, a Fall Fest with costume contests, part at a friend’s house, special events at school, and of course, trick-or-treating. Adults have taken Halloween to a new level, too, with the elaborate “adult” costumes and parties. And, one house is better than the next with their creative Halloween decorations. You’re never too old to enjoy Halloween!

Striker and Reggie slept through Halloween in 2015.
Striker and Reggie slept through Halloween in 2015.

But…what about our little fur babies? Just like worrying about the dogs and cats with July 4th fireworks, I worry a little bit about our dogs and cats at Halloween. Or, should I? The dogs might get to go trick-or-treating (they might even be an integral part of their human’s costume), and cats can just chill, as always. I guess we just have to make sure our pets don’t get into the chocolate. I still wonder, if a dog like being dressed up like Yoda from Star Wars. Does your black cat find the whole Halloween-Black-Cat a little cliché? Maybe the cats and dogs are just happy we’re not giving away their treats when the doorbell rings…trick-or-treat!

Abby taking a break from playing in her box to watch, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Enjoy the cuddle! (…and Happy Halloween!)


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