How do you define comfort?

Good morning, Cuddlers!

This past week Chicago weather was “typical” as we had several above-average temperature days, mixed in with a few mornings of very chilly temperatures. Some people avoided putting on their heat by adding layers, blankets, or cuddling up with their dogs and cats. I live in a high-rise where it’s a pretty big deal to switch to heat in the fall, and A/C in the spring. There are some days that can get pretty uncomfortable for the humans…although, the cats don’t seem to mind. Otis will still sleep in the sun even on those hot days, and Striker will cuddle on my lap regardless of the temperature in the apartment.

Moo finding comfort on the vent.

On Thursday, my sister surprised me with a text picture of her cat, Moo. Diana broke down and turned on the heat at her house the other day. And, wouldn’t you know it, adorable little Moo found comfort on the vent. I have to admit that I find it humorous when cats and dogs sleep on vents. They have fur…are they really that cold? When I saw that picture I imagined Moo’s thoughts, “Ahh…yeah…heat is good. I’m sleeping right here.” Instead of sleeping on one of the soft blankets, or cuddling up with one of her siblings, the vent was the most comfortable place she could find.

Moo made me think about some of the things that make us comfortable. As the season changes we have comfort food, fall and holiday traditions, sports (football, basketball, & baseball for some of us), sweatshirts or sweaters we love to wear, or our favorite TV shows that kept us guessing all summer long. Some of us might find comfort in hanging out with friends or family, going to Sunday church services, participating in our favorite hobby, reading a book, or going for a walk after dinner. My wish for you this week is that you are able to have a moment (or two) of finding comfort, even if it’s in an “unlikely” place like a heating vent!

Enjoy the cuddle!



2 thoughts on “How do you define comfort?

    1. This morning I also thought about the comfort of a thunderstorm as the windows rattled from the thunder and lightning. Of course, as a child, I don’t think I was always too thrilled with thunderstorms!


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